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Robitussin Cough Drops

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Robitussin Cough Drops

A product of Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, a cough drop and syrup manufacturing company in the United States, Robitussin cough drops have and continue to play a major role in relieving throat infections which are a major cause of irritation and coughing. Due to their different flavors and sweetness in nature, their effectiveness in relieving soreness of the throat is almost instant, since when you pop one in your mouth, you instantly forget that it is medication you are taking.

Robitussin cough drops are generally available in three common flavors that provide you with a sense of choice, whether it is for your own medication or for the young. Cough syrups for children especially come in some sweet flavors that children will never mind overdosing themselves with.

Of the common flavors available in the market today, there is the menthol one that comes in a combination of eucalyptus, cherry and honey-lemon. The menthol eucalyptus is well known to treat sore mouth and throat and also the common cold. The menthol-cherry is specially flavored to treat children cough.

The honey-lemon flavored Robitussin cough drops are a combination of flavors that have a soothing effect for sore throats and dry coughs. There are directions to be followed before using these cough drops for example, you should not use them for children under 4 years before consulting a pediatrician and for those above 4 years, use one drop every two hours. With all cough patients, be sure not to overdose them but follow the dosage instructions. for asthma patients ad heavy regular smokers, a doctor’s consultation is required before using any cough remedy.

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