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Guaifenesin as an Effective Treatment Option For Fibromyalgia

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Those who suffer from Fibromyalgia experience excruciating pain in their muscles. Basic activities are almost impossible for them to complete. Of all the different diseases in the world Fibromyalgia is one of the cruelest because of the amount of pain and discomfort those afflicted with it suffer from. The pain is often lessened by medication but it still lives plenty of discomfort.

Most individuals with Fibromyalgia find the pain combined with constantly feeling tired is overwhelming. While there are some good treatment options there is no cure for it. The pain and tiredness associated with Fibromyalgia increase as time goes by so the medications have to be closely monitored for effectiveness.

The drug Guaifenesin stops the body from producing uric acid. This was introduced as an effective treatment for Gout and it was discovered that it also helps with the symptoms of Fibromyalgia as well. It has definitely been prescribed in astonishing numbers lately for these types of individuals.

The amount of Guaifenesin that is administered depends on the severity of the symptoms the individual is dealing with. Most doctors will start out with a very low dose and gradually add more until there are some positive results. Some patients with Fibromyalgia find this kind of experimentation annoying and degrading. Yet it is the most effective way to ensure each patient gets the dosage of Guaifenesin they need.

While Guaifenesin is an effective option for Fibromyalgia not all patients respond well to it. This can be devastating as the doctor continually increases the dose only to tell the patient that the maximum has been reached and it won’t be a successful treatment option. There are also some adverse side effects with Guaifenesin that can make it hard to continue taking.

While Guaifenesin doesn’t stop Fibromyalgia from spreading, it does slow it down for a large percentage of those who use it. This means the medical world is making some progress in the fight against the disease of Fibromyalgia. Further research and development needs to take place for more to be accomplished.

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