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Power of Positive Thinking – Controlling Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Fibromyalgia

by Guaifenesin.org
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If you’re someone that is currently battling Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Fibromyalgia then it is absolutely paramount that you practice positive thinking and affirmations on a daily basis. You see, our thoughts are innately connected to our bodies and health so if you constantly think negative thoughts about yourself and your illness then you’ll experience a surge of negative symptoms and your condition will not improve. However, if you practice positive thinking then you can influence your healing and take control of your medical condition once and for all.

If you’re still not convinced about the importance of positive thinking, let’s discuss two Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia patients that I know. Mary has been suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for over 5 years. Every single day, Mary moans and complains about her illness. She tells everyone she knows about her unrelenting fatigue, headaches and body aches. In her opinion, Mary is unable to control or handle her Chronic Fatigue symptoms and for her life is unbearable. As such, the quality of Mary’s life is significantly impaired and she doesn’t feel better or experience any symptom free days. Although Mary has many friends and family who care about her, many people stay away from her, because they don’t want to hear such negativity. On the other hand, let’s talk about Jane. Like Mary, Jane has been battling with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for over 5 years too. She too experiences unrelenting fatigue, headaches, muscle aches and other symptoms. However, Jane does not discuss her symptoms or illness with anyone except her spouse and her physician. And, when she discusses her condition, she only speaks of it in a positive manner. In fact, no one even knows that Jane has chronic Fatigue Syndrome because she does not dwell upon her symptoms.

In addition, Jane practices daily affirmations every single day and refuses to allow her illness to control her but controls it instead. As such, Jane has seen some true and remarkable progress over the past five years. For instance, at the beginning of Jane’s illness, she was unable to get out of bed and was tempted to alienate herself from the world. However, she quickly changed her perspective. Now, Jane experiences many symptom free days and feels in control of her condition. Basically, Jane refused to accept her diagnosis as a lifelong sentence and remains committed and optimistic about her complete healing.

So, if you are a sufferer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Fibromyalgia who truly wants to experience remarkable progress then you should be more like Jane. By maintaining a positive attitude and utilizing affirmations on a daily basis you too will experience the miracle of healing.

Here are some affirmations you can begin using right now:

  1. I take complete control over my illness and am getting better every day.
  2. I respect myself and take care of my body.
  3. I accept my condition and know that healing is taking place within me.
  4. I creatively handle any problems without stress and maintain a positive attitude at all times.
  5. I release my symptoms and welcome healing and am confident that I am getting stronger every single day.
  6. I refuse to give power to this condition and maintain control.
  7. I seek out and receive support for handling this condition.
  8. I treat myself lovingly and give myself special attention when needed.
  9. I focus on healing and trust that a miracle is happening within me.
  10. I am in complete control of this condition and give thanks for a complete recovery.

In conclusion, you can experience remarkable healing just like Jane. You simply have to be willing to put forth the necessary effort, practice affirmations and positive thinking and be open and receptive to receiving healing.

Source by Kristi Patrice Carter

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